Get Sober Get Free – exclusive extract

I’m excited that my second book Get Sober Get Free will be out in December 2015. This book is a follow-up to Why you drink and How to stop. My second book is designed to help you delve deeper into the reasons you may drink destructively so you can develop effective strategies to overcome your […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks Interviews

Recovery Rocks – Annie Grace

Annie Grace is a 37 year old mother of two boys living in the Colorado Mountains. Until recently she held a c-level corporate role as Global Head of Marketing for Travelex Currency. She recently left her role to write her book (This Naked Mind) to help others achieve the freedom from alcohol she has found. […] Read More →

Sober Solutions

Sober Solutions – Practice acceptance of others

We have explored how we change our inner world, but what can we do about our outer world – the one where we have to deal with other people and how they affect us? This is a challenge in itself, and very important for alcoholics, who can easily get caught up with other people’s dramas […] Read More →

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How Your Life Changes After You Stop Drinking

How Your Life Changes After You Stop Drinking By: Maurine Anderson Many people at one point or another make the decision to stop drinking, be it for religious reasons, health reasons, or to overcome an addiction. And no matter how hard you may try, it is going to change your life in some significant ways. […] Read More →

Can we change college binge drinking?

It can be tough sending your kid off to college. They’re finally leaving the nest eager to spread their wings and become adults, whilst getting an education that will hopefully lead to a successful career. Of course you want them to fulfill their potential and make their mark in the world, but as a parent […] Read More →

5 Ways That People Are Insensitive to Addicts

Guest post by Aleksandre McMenamin Overcoming addiction can be one of the most difficult challenges in the human experience. It requires you to overcome your own brain’s impulses of dependency towards a substance that is actively harming your body. It can be a physically and mentally exhausting tribulation, and definitely one that requires an immense […] Read More →