High Sobriety – a new treatment paradigm

Marijuanna has been in the news a lot lately, more and more states are legalizing the sale of it. Research is showing that medical marijuanna can have some real benefits in treating lots of conditions. A lot of people in recovery from addiction feel a little nervous around this subject. After all, for us, drugs […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks Interviews

Recovery Rocks – Rosemary O’Connor

I’m so happy to have Rosemary O’Connor’s Recovery Rocks interview this week. I meet so many mothers who struggle with enormous shame and guilt in relation to their drinking and I think they will be inspired by her story. Rosemary has been sober since 1999 and understands the challenges of staying sober as a single […] Read More →

Sober Solutions

Recovery red flags

Once you got sober, do the steps, take part in some therapy, go to rehab you may have thought you were ‘done’ and could just go about your life now you were ‘fixed.’ I hate to be the one to tell you…but it’s not quiet like that. From time to time you are going to […] Read More →

Recent Posts

Caitlin Moran blocked me on Twitter and I’m kinda devastated.

It’s true. She blocked me. She was one of my ‘go to’ people when anything interesting happened, because she always writes so succinctly and is piercingly honest. Initially, I thought she was taking a Twitter break as I couldn’t see her tweets on Tweetdeck. Then to my horror, I realized she had actually blocked me. […] Read More →

Busting the, ‘when you’re drunk, you tell the truth’ myth.

Paul Gascoigne (ex-British soccer player) has been hospitalized again. He was drunk and got into a fight after racially abusing some other guests. This is awful on many levels and racial abuse should never be tolerated but it’s important to point out that Paul Gascoigne is a really, really sick man. It’s also important to […] Read More →

Benefits of being alcohol free

Taking the step to be alcohol-free is a difficult process for many. Millions of dollars are spent each year in the U.S. just to reduce our dependence on it. However, there are so many positive life experiences that come from putting the bottle down for the last time. It may be hard to see this […] Read More →