How to Overcome Stagnation in Addiction Recovery

How to Overcome Stagnation in Addiction Recovery by Laura Okoloko Most people imagine recovery from addiction as an uphill process that is filled with challenges and continued forward movement. The truth, however, is that full recovery is a journey with many ups and downs and sometimes, dreaded plateaus that can make it seem like one […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks Interviews

Recovery Rocks – Shane Watson

Shane Watson is a father, husband, public speaker, and recovery and prevention advocate. He currently serves as a Prevention Specialist for Scottsdale-based prevention education 501(c)(3) nonprofit notMYkid. He loves music, fitness, nutrition, psychology, camping, writing, hiking, mountain climbing, wandering, spoken word, boxer dogs, black coffee, documentaries, nonfiction books, the surreal, the cryptic, the supernatural, art, […] Read More →

Sober Solutions

Sober solutions – boundaries

How to have boundaries in your life I had no idea what boundaries were until I got sober. I had no idea that I could protect my personal space and keep myself safe. I was so used to doing what I thought everyone else wanted that I would continuously put myself in risky and abusive […] Read More →

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Suicide Saturday

In hindsight, trying to kill myself on a Saturday night of a 3-day weekend, wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. I hadn’t started the day thinking ‘I’m going to kill myself tonight.’ It just seemed the best idea I had a the time. Like most alcoholics I didn’t want to die, I just didn’t […] Read More →

Feelings and emotions in long-term recovery

One of things you may hear in early recovery is: ‘The good news is you get your feelings back, the bad news is you get your feelings back.’ I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t really excited to hear this. My feelings were the reason I drank. I had no other coping mechanism to […] Read More →

The children I never should have had

When I had my first child over 4 years ago, I was fairly new to the USA and thousands of miles away from my support system. I was keen to meet other mothers who could help me navigate the travails of new motherhood. I pretty much went to every mother and baby group going and […] Read More →