‘The world has seen addiction, but not recovery….’

I just love this video from ‘I am not anonymous,‘ it slams home the message of how beautiful recovery is and how we can’t stay in the shadows anymore. Anonymous never meant secret. We have continuous stories of what rock-bottom looks like, but how will people know that we do recover if we don’t show […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks Interviews

Recovery Rocks – Joy A

Joy has already graced this blog with a guest post, after seeing what a great writer she was I *cough* persuaded her to do a recovery rocks interview. I knew her story would be interesting and I wasn’t disappointed…. Read it and then send it to someone who is struggling, because if she can do […] Read More →

Sober Solutions

Sober Solutions – Practice acceptance of others

We have explored how we change our inner world, but what can we do about our outer world – the one where we have to deal with other people and how they affect us? This is a challenge in itself, and very important for alcoholics, who can easily get caught up with other people’s dramas […] Read More →

Recent Posts

Are you a sober parent?

I wrote in a previous post that your biggest job when becoming a parent is managing your own fear. Nothing is more terrifying than holding your precious one for the first time and having the realization hit you that there are just so many ways to f**k this up. I came to parenting relatively late […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks – Nell Schroer

Since 2008, Nell Schroer has been in and out the rooms, doing what she does best – research and development. Literally struck sober in 2013, Nell knew there was only one thing left to do – share her experience, strength, and hope with others. As a professional life coach, Nell is wholly committed to helping […] Read More →

We need to know more about Palcohol

My (slightly sarcastic) open letter to Mark Phillips who created powdered alcohol has had a really big response. It seems that a lot of you are as concerned about the potential abuse of this, soon to be unleashed product, as I am. Joe Schrank, interventionist, social worker and frequent contributor to Fox news, Huffington Post, […] Read More →