Alcoholism – understanding what the problem is and isn’t

In order to understand what the solution to alcoholism we have to clearly understand what the problem is and isn’t. Clients come to me because they have a problem. Usually the problem is that they don’t feel good and they will have lots of reasons why that is. Often they focus on their work situation, […] Read More →

Recovery Rocks Interviews

Recovery Rocks – Jeanne

Jeanne writes the funny and engaging blog Soberly Speaking. I love how she describes herself as ‘intentionally sober.’ Originally from New York she now lives in Florida with her husband, kids and father. She obviously did a great job in making sobriety look attractive because her husband and best friend saw what she was doing […] Read More →

Sober Solutions

Managing high risk situations

Early recovery can be challenging. Sobriety can take a while to get used to. Everything is new and weird and we often don’t know how to cope. The purpose of this exercise is to identify high-risk situations and behaviours that lead to relapse. It will explore how our thinking or beliefs about certain situations or […] Read More →

Recent Posts

Recovery Rocks – Nell Schroer

Since 2008, Nell has been in and out the rooms, doing what she does best – research and development. Literally struck sober in 2013, Nell knew there was only one thing left to do – share her experience, strength, and hope with others. As a professional life coach, Nell is wholly committed to helping women […] Read More →

We need to know more about Palcohol

My (slightly sarcastic) open letter to Mark Phillips who created powdered alcohol has had a really big response. It seems that a lot of you are as concerned about the potential abuse of this, soon to be unleashed product, as I am. Joe Schrank, interventionist, social worker and frequent contributor to Fox news, Huffington Post, […] Read More →

What if we really treated addiction like a disease?

There is a really interesting article in The Fix by Howard C Westman MD a doctor who specializes in treating addiction. He makes a very good point that we love calling addiction a ‘disease’ but rarely treat it like one. The recovering community can sometimes be the worst offenders in insisting addiction is a disease […] Read More →