FACE IT TOGETHER – a new treatment paradigm



Last week I met with a mother whose daughter is a drug addict. This was not something she had just discovered it was something that she had been dealing with for many years. Her daughter had been in rehab a couple of times, had tried meetings and was still using. The mother had been to Al-anon and sought counseling herself. The situation was pretty desperate and she didn’t know what to do. She sobbed as she told me her story.
There is nothing more heart breaking than watching the loved one’s of an addict or alcohol suffer. It is a desperate and heartbreaking position to be in.
We all know there isn’t enough treatment and support for addicts and alcoholics and there is even less for the friends and family members who suffer right along side the addict.

FACE IT TOGETHER is an organization that plans on changing that. A non-profit with plans to scale to communities across the mid-west. They are refusing to be complacent about the current state of addiction treatment. They are using cutting edge science to develop a new treatment paradigm. Based on the scientific proof that addiction is a disease they use research, data and technology to improve outcomes. They also offer much needed support to family members. Started by a group of social entrepreneurs originating out of Sioux Falls in South Dakota they are a much-needed beacon of hope in the dark world of addiction.

They have just launched a new site that is dedicated to offering help and support to family members and individuals impacted by addiction. They also offer phone support to people out of the state.
The purpose of this site is to convey a message of reassurance and hope. Dealing with addiction can be a very lonely and shameful experience. FACE IT TOGETHER understands that together, we are stronger. They intentionally use non-stigmatizing language that’s consistent with public health and medicine. By taking the shame and isolation away we can begin to address this health issue and offer hope to everyone afflicted and affected by this disease.
Please check out their resources and let me know what you think.

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