A sober alcoholic is thankful for…….

Image courtesy of debspoons at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of debspoons at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am thankful:

– that I woke up today and can remember what happened the night before.

– that I love the person sleeping in bed beside me.

– that I had the opportunity to have a family of my own

– that my head isn’t down the toilet.

– that my hands don’t shake.

– that my panic has gone.

– that I don’t have to score.
– that the knot in my stomach is gone.
– that there is money in my account to pay the bills.
– that there is food in the fridge.
– there are people in my life to share this day with.
– for the enormous generosity of people.
– for kindness.
– that I can receive love.
– for the abundance in my life.
– that I can laugh from deep in my belly.
– for calm.
– that the love that I was looking for, was within.
– that you gave me the dignity to be who I am, and I can do the same for you.
– for the others that went before me.
– that they looked back and reached out their hands to help.
– for the guy who looked after me when I was too drunk to look after myself.
– that there is help for this disease.
– that I know how to manage my emotions now.
– that life is now an adventure to enjoy, rather than a war to survive.
– that I am sober.
– that I am free.
– that I have freedom in my mind.
– that there is always hope.
– that I feel ‘part of.’
– that I have deep and meaningful connections with many people
– that I belong at last.
– for a chance to start over.
– that everyday is a day, I can be the best version of myself.
– for you, reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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