You are so much better than you think you are…..

There’s something you need to know. I just can’t keep it hidden from you any longer. You are so much better than you think you are.

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

I know you are trying to push this away and are probably thinking that I wrote this for someone else, for other people, and that this doesn’t apply to you.
But you’d be wrong.
I wrote it especially for you.
How do I know? Because I can see it. Behind the insecurity, self-doubt and beating yourself up. Behind all that crap, is someone who is really capable if only they would get out of their own way.

That’s the biggest problem isn’t it? We get full of self-doubt and start worrying that we are not good enough. Then end up not doing anything, because we are scared of failing or messing up, instead of just plunging in and giving it a go.

We forgot that it’s perfectly ok to a make a mistake and mistakes just make us better.
We forgot that mess is ok, that in the mess, there is life, and it’s better to make a mess and be alive, then stand on the sidelines worrying about a mess that never was.

So I want you to try hard to hear me this time; you are so much better than you think you are.

You will look back at your younger self and be able to see it. Try it. Picture your self at 18 and you will be able to see that all of things you worried about then were of no consequence. You will be able to see that you were so much better than you realized at the time.
There is no difference between the past and the present. It is human to have our worries and our fears but do not let them over take you. Do not give them fuel, they are delusions, just like the ones you had at 18.

So take this moment, take this thing you are most scared of and act anyway. There are a million worse things than looking foolish, the worst possible thing, is living a life of missed opportunities and potential. The chances are you will make a mistake and mess up, but I also know for certain that you wouldn’t have got this far without some tools to deal with those messes. Apply them now.

Because by doing this, you will realize everything I say is true.

Repeat after me: I am so much better than I think am…

3 thoughts on “You are so much better than you think you are…..

  1. colin chatburn

    wise words veronica.if you have garbage thoughts running about your head.maybe help someone else it will take your mind to a better place

  2. claire

    Thanks Veronica. You always seem to be spot on and very apt for my place on my sober journey. 18 months and finding my feet a little more all the time.

    x Claire

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