#SheRecoversNYC – Day 2

When amazing women get together amazing things happen. Day 2 of She Recovers was just as amazing the first. Elena Brower did an amazing spoken word piece on her recovery and it was word perfect.
Then Nikki Myers spoke the truth on codependency. She called it the ‘disease of the lost self’. And how our need for outside approval keeps us in the darkness. There seems to be a theme emerging to the She Recovers event and it’s ‘welcome the pain.’ Which sounds crazy, but it started with Glennon last night. When she discussed not wanting to ‘waste the pain’ from the breakdown of her marriage, that instead, she wanted mine it. Because within the pain the riches lie.
‘Ain’t that the truth sister.

Elizabeth Vargas reading from her book

Elizabeth Vargas reading from her book

Elizabeth Vargas talked about anxiety and panic attacks which is something I identify with very closely. I think a lot of women suffer with anxiety and panic disorders and we mostly suffer alone. Isolated and terrified of feelings we have no control over and that can cripple us in seconds. It’s just always inspiring to see someone who you perceive to be successful and beautiful to admit that they suffered from crippling fear too. Because if they can say it, you can say it too.

I also attend Jennifer Matesa’s excellent workshop called ‘Desire un-numbed, or, as everyone else called it ‘sex and recovery.’ Jennifer gave an excellent presentation based on the findings from her book, where she identified a lot of common themes for women in recovery when they think about sex. They are scared they can’t get past their inhibitions, of unrealistic expectations, they have body hatred, sexual anorexia. Women around the room identified with each other and the most amazing and frank discussion on sex occurred. Cleary there is a need here for women to get together and talk openly and frankly about these issues and I look forward to see where Jennifer is going to go with this.

After dinner (shout out to Jean from Unpickled who won the first She Recovers ‘Hope’ award), we were treated to the wisdom of Gabby Bernstien. I will be honest and tell you I’m not a Gabby fan. I love ‘A Course in Miracles’ but Gabby has never resonated with me. I was keen to see her in person to see if that changed. I loved what she had to say and I think I got a couple of breakthroughs on areas I need to work on. There’s too much going on in my head right now to process it, but she also talked about not running from the pain but surrendering to it and letting God in.
I think I heard exactly what I needed to hear.

Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein

Lastly. Whilst I was filming one of the sober blogger live stream events, the gentleman (I didn’t get his name) who was taking care of the sound and recordings was asked how it was for him being at an all women event. He replied, ‘that he felt honored and humbled to be let into such an honest and revealing space, that he had learnt so much he never knew or understood about women and he was so glad he got to be here’.

Yes. Me too.

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  1. Sober Momma Bee

    Me too~ it was an amazing day & I hope She Recovers comes back again next year. I needed this today~ I needed to hear a few different things because my own recovery has been slacking and I feared I would eventually go back down the rabbits hole. I hope I take home what new tools I learned and dust off a few old ones and dig deep into my fear & resentments.

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