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Benefits of being alcohol free

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Taking the step to be alcohol-free is a difficult process for many. Millions of dollars are spent each year in the U.S. just to reduce our dependence on it. However, there are so many positive life experiences that come from putting the bottle down for the last time. It may be hard to see this when a significant portion of events in your life are based around a social scene that partakes of alcohol, but it’s important to recognize that the good things that you experience are not due to alcohol, and can continue to be there when you stop drinking. Here are some of the benefits of being alcohol-free…

More energy every day

Nothing quite puts a damper on your day like waking up with a hangover. Hangovers have a knack of taking over your entire morning, and then making the entire day seem like it blew by without any productivity. For most people, these days happen on the weekend, when they have the luxury of not working the next day. Think about what this means, though: the only days that you don’t work are wasted away feeling the awful ramifications of the night before? This is no way to go through life (for more information about hangovers, check out this blog series). Giving up the alcohol means that you will have more energy every day, and will be able to finally start to use your time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but always seem to slip away.

Friendships on firmer foundations

One of the biggest obstacles to giving up alcohol, many people find, is that so much of a person’s social circle can depend on a scene that frequently partakes in alcohol. Because of this, there is a false assumption that giving up alcohol will mean giving up their friends. However, this is certainly not true! Your friends are more than the nights out drinking. Setting aside alcohol, even for a while, means that you will get to explore more of the things that you are both passionate about together.

Things like hiking, book clubs, movie nights, competitive unicycling, and musical theater are all things that you might like to do with your friends, and you’ll find that you’ll get to explore them a lot more if your friendship is not based on alcohol. At events, you can also find fun beverages to enjoy that don’t require alcohol. Check out this nifty list of fun beverages you and your friends can make for a holiday dinner. On the chance that your friends stop wanting to be around you when you stop drinking, then it’s time to realize that they are not very good friends to have, anyways.

Lose the liquid calories

Alcoholic beverages may be tasty, they may help you relax, and they may have fun and exciting names. However, the one thing that they certainly are not is healthy. Even a light beer is usually going to cost you over 100 calories! After a few of those, you’ve practically had a meal. Alcohol can be a major obstacle for people who are trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. For many people who drink, regularly, they will be cutting down thousands of calories a week by simply cutting alcohol out of their diet. On top of that, most people do not make wise eating decisions when they are drunk. An entire pizza to yourself at 2 A.M. almost never sounds like a good idea. However, if you are drunk, then it seems to makes perfect sense! Having less of these instances in your life will make it easier to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Better sleep habits

Alcohol is a particularly unique substance in the sense that it is both a stimulant and a depressant; an upper and a downer. During a night out, however, the stimulant side of alcohol is in full effect. Alcohol can keep an individual partying through the night, and even well-past sunrise. When a person at this level of drunkenness gets home, it is likely they are going to sleep well past the roosters crowing, and still wake up with that hangover we talked about, earlier. Getting up at 3 P.M. means that you are probably going to stay up past a reasonable bedtime on the following evening, as well, and so the cycle continues. Putting your alcohol use to rest will help you create a healthier sleep schedule, and lead to a better lifestyle, in general

Just don’t quit, quitting.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Soooooo, dry January is over, cold boring February is done and spring is peeping round the corner. Despite all the mayhem of Christmas (which seems like a million years ago now) and your vow to quit drinking forever, to your dismay, you find yourself drunk again. And again. And again.
You are back where you started. Or so it seems.
I want you to know it’s ok. You haven’t failed. Stop beating yourself up. Practically no one stops drinking on their first attempt (I’ve yet to meet anyone). There’s only one thing you have to do right now and that is to not quit, quitting.
Take a few days, breath and try again. This time look at what you need to do differently.
Do you need more support? Go out less? Go out to places where alcohol is not a temptation. Are you lonely? Depressed? All of these things could be triggers and may be hard to defeat on your own.
Changing your habits in the first few days and weeks will be really helpful. Doing the same thing with people you used to drink with, believing you’ll just drink Diet Coke, is probably a little naive. Maybe stay away from wet places for 6 weeks or so? What could you do instead?
When we have a drinking problem it’s hard for us to imagine activities that don’t involve alcohol. But you will be amazed to find out that there are tons and tons of things to do that don’t require drinking, and there are tons of people to meet who also don’t want to drink either.
Online support is a whole new area; you don’t even have to leave your home. Just log-on, sobriety communities are popping up everywhere. Facebook and Reddit have a lot of communities of sober people supporting each other.

There really is no such thing as failure, only feedback. If you drank again what you have is a bunch of information that you can analyse, so this time you can do something differently.

I want you to know you will make it. I’ve known lots of people who have tried for years and years to get sober, people have written them off and yet they’ve done it.
As long as you are still breathing you can change your life. Stop with the negative talk. The truth is, you can quit drinking anytime, you don’t have to wait for ‘Dry January.’ Whatever events are coming up in your life, you can get through them sober. A wedding, a birthday, a celebration. You will be able to do all of these things without a drink. There is truly no reason to delay. Look at your resources, get some help, join a community (either on-line or in person). And try again. This time may be the one that works.

Just don’t quit, quitting ok?

How to get sober – online course

How to get sober

How to get sober

I’m pleased to announce I have just launched my online course ‘How to get sober’ with Udemy. This 3 hour course complied of video, audio, lectures and handouts guides you through everything you need to do to get sober and achieve successful, sustainable sobriety. I have poured all my knowledge as an addictions counsellor and my 15 years experience as a recovered alcoholic into making this course in the hope that it will give you the tools you need to get sober and stay sober.
This course will retail for $99 on January 1st but right now it’s 80% off! If you would like to sign up for this course for only $19 then please click here: HOW TO GET SOBER ONLINE COURSE


I’m really eager to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have so please get in contact on the Udemy discussion boards and leave a review when you’re done.