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Blamers Anonymous

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This is a short video by Brene Brown on blaming. It’s brilliant and I sooooo relate to it.
My poor husband, if I can try and find a way to blame him for something, I will. She explains that ‘blame’ is just a way of discharging discomfort and pain. Blaming is how we discharge anger. We spend our energy raging and trying to figure out ‘whose fault it is.’ When we do this we miss an opportunity to grow.
And that’s our purpose here, to grow. Please check it out, it’s 3 minutes long and explains it perfectly.

The power of vulnerability

This is an incredible TED Talk on the power of vulnerability. If, like me, you have lived much of your life too scared to show how you really feel then this is a video you must watch.
The last thing I was ever going to do was show anyone I was vulnerable. I thought that was weakness. I wanted to convince everyone I was strong and everything was ‘fine.’ Showing vulnerability was extremely hard for me. It was something I had to learn to do over time.
It wasn’t easy. I had spent my whole life pretending everything was ‘ok.’ But as Brene Brown highlights that in order to have the connection we crave then we must be vulnerable. It is our fear of being vulnerable that leads us to numb it with food, drink, drugs, TV, shopping etc.
Touching on the subjects of shame and fear and our desire to be connected to to others. This video offers a journey into how the human soul is designed and how we can begin the journey back to ourselves. With nearly 11 million views on TED, if you haven’t watched this. I would urge you to immediately.
Let me know what you think.